The JRAC team manages a variety of in-hospital cases ranging from neonatal to geriatric care, as well as wellness care. Climate controlled stalls are available for all cases. Around the clock veterinary Ambulatory services are provided by highly trained veterinarians and technicians.

Equine Services

  • General Preventative Maintenance

-Dentistry – including extractions
-Neonatal & Geriatric Care

  • Lameness Evaluation
  • Pre-purchase Examinations
  • Inter- & Intrastate Health Certificates
  • International Health Certificates
  • Full Service Laboratory
  • Computed Radiography
  • Ultrasonography
  • Endoscopy
  • Surgery

Soft Tissue & Minor Orthopedic Procedures

  • Reproductive Services

-Breeding Soundness Exams
-Breeding with Cooled Semen
-Breeding with Frozen Semen

  • Hospitalization/Overnight Care Available
  • Heated & Cooled Hospital
  • 24/7 Emergency Care

-Colic Care
-Eye Injuries
-All other emergencies

  • Ambulatory Calls available for all services